Providing Digital Data Conversion

“We take pride in our work and services, and continue to provide support especially after projects are complete.”

Geographic Mapping Consultants, Inc. (GMCI) is a professional consulting company located in Moscow, Idaho. Our company has been providing solutions in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting, spatial data conversion, custom application development, GPS data collection, professional land surveying, and industry focused training programs since 1989. We feature a professional staff with a diverse range of experience in GIS development, computer science, cartography, and remote sensing. GMCI is committed to assisting organizations in developing technology based information systems for analysis, planning, and public use.

Our company utilizes industry leading professional technology from Autodesk, and ESRI to develop GIS solutions in the most efficient and accurate means possible. We specialize in converting archived paper maps and documents to digital data sets, both preserving and increasing the accessiblity of such data. Our principle method of converting ownership parcels is coordinate geometry (COGO). We believe this method is the most accurate and cost effective.

We work as a team with our clients to assess and identify needs, establish goals, create and collect data, provide training, develop custom applications, and provide the on-going service to guarantee our client's satisfaction. We take pride in providing complete GIS solutions that are both innovative and cost effective. If you are considering outsourcing parcel data conversion, contact GMCI, our conversion rates are very affordable.